A gift from the sky and a curse from the ground

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A gift from the sky and a curse from the ground Empty A gift from the sky and a curse from the ground

Post by Last Chaos Lord on Thu Dec 04, 2014 6:15 pm

"Keep your eyes open child, the World Dragon shall reward you." Trixx did as she was told, staring at the pillar infront of her as it's sigils sparkled like the stars in the sky. She was only young but it was time for her to accept her place as a dragon keeper, the role she was born into. Feeling a bit anxious she wondered how her brother was doing,  reaching out to him through their bond as twins. Vex was currently going through a similar ritual for his role. He would be meeting the dragon he would be connected with forever. Trixx felt Vex and his emotions seemed anxious as well.
"Focus child, it is beginning." Trixx quickly drew her attention back to the pillar in front of her. The pillar had begun to glow quite brightly when suddenly a beam of light from above struck it from the sky. The light was near blinding but Trixx kept her eyes open as she had been instructed, tears beginning to sting her eyes. Just as suddenly as it had appeared the light was gone. Atop the pillar where nothing had been now stood a large scaled egg.
"Now child, step forth and claim your gift from the World Dragon." Trixx stepped forward and reached to pick up the egg. It was cold but quickly warmed to her touch. Holding the egg made her feel extremely calm. It seemed to sparkle as she looked at it, it's colour seemed to gradient green to purple where ever the light hit it.
"This is your's and your alone, remember to protect it as if it's life were your own. This is what it means to be a dragon keeper." The ritual was over.

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