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Post by Naoto with A&A on Sat Mar 05, 2016 11:36 pm

Fates of Balance Within.
Opening Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxqW1Eq0iP4
Courtesy Call - from Thousand Foot Krutch.
Everything but the song and the character Nova belongs to me. Do not Use without Permission. Copyright rules apply.

Midnight. Full Moon.

Voices can be heard.
They are loud.

"It's a girl!"
"O-Oh my, really? H-How wonderful! Look Hiko...it's a girl.."
A man, what seemed to be the father, quickly had a large grin spread across his face."

The doctors, after everything was cleaned up, approached the woman who was holding her new infant. They asked what her name was going to be, while they logged the birth record.

She mumbled, with tired eyes and a low voice.


"That's a great name" Replied a nurse.

After a bit of talking between her and her husband, She then fell asleep, her new daughter being taken from her arms as she rested.

15 Years later.

A voice could be heard from afar, bringing the young girl back to reality as she laid resting within the car.
"Mei my darling, wake up! We're here!"
Mei opened her eyes, weakly shifting her head to see the building they were driving up to.
"This...is the new house...?"
"Uhuh, do you like it darling? Your father already got here before us so he could set things up. I think you'll love it! Plus there is a new school and new people you can meet. This will be the start of something great, I know it!"
Mei sighed and shook her head.
"You're blocking things out again mom...stop it."
Her mother quickly lost her smile.
"Everything will be okay darling, you're getting help. You'll get to be a normal girl soon enough."
"Stop it Mom."
The rest of the ride was silent until they pulled up into the new driveway, her mother hopped out with enthusiasm, while Mei slowly trudged out of the car. Looking like she was ready to faint. Her mother quickly pulled her into the house, the smile from before returning to her face.
Her father greeted her with joyous laughter and a hug.
"How are my two favorite girls?"
He gave a kiss on the cheek to Mei.
And gave a kiss to Belle.
"Belle, Mei, welcome to our new house, I made sure to unpack and set everything up. So go ahead and have a look around. I'm gonna go set up for dinner, since its getting late."
Belle waved as she watched her husband rush to the new barbecue outside.
"Have fun Hiko!"
She giggled before looking over at her daughter Mei, who had vanished. She searched before she found Mei on the new couch. Fast asleep already.
Belle sighed and decided to go outside with her husband.

-Within the Dreams of Mei-

"C'mon Mei-Chan!! Over here, Over here!!"
Mei floated softly down from a tree, basically crashing into her best friend.
"A-Ack, Sorry sorry sorry about that Nova!!"
"Hahaha, its totally okay."
Nova picked Mei up, spinning around with her happily.
"So, How have you been feeling?" She asked when they were done.
"Meh...just...the usual."
"Psh, Bad Mei, what have we talked about? You gotta have a smile, Remember-"
They both spoke at once.
"A smile is all I ask for."
"A smile is all I ask for."
Nova and Mei laughed happily with one another.
"Yeah...Sorry Nova, I'm trying to be positive."
"Well, as long as you keep looking forward, you'll be walking towards a new day with new experiences. They'll be good one way or another. I promise."
Mei smiled and leaned against her friend.
"Thanks Nova...you're a wonderful friend..."
"Haha, glad I can be."

Mei and Her friend played in an empty but canvased field, creating whatever they wished to use for their entertainment. After all, this was the dream realm.

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