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Opening Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b51ozA_SfHc
"Take Over Control (Adam F. Mix) [feat. Eva Simons]" by Afrojack ( • )
everything but the opening song is mine, do not use without permission.

Welcome, to the great world:
A world full of lush green fields, life all around, and happiness as far as the eye can see...at least, for the Royalty. In truth, this world Yosubi, known as the "great center" is ruled by the Royal family. The Vairocana's. They have proven their strength and gained the title as true rulers of this world, while they now live in the life of luxury and riches, the population down below has only been given one purpose. To work like slaves for the Vairocana family, while the family itself laughs at what they consider the peasents of this world. They drink and eat, sleep in comfortable soft beds, with fancy roofs over their heads, while the weaklings simply get scraps. Leaky roofs and bad paying jobs, illnesses that will never be cured unless you are Royalty, and broken hearts...all around. Times have changed however, and while the living conditions of the Peasents has been somewhat increased, they will always be pathetic scum in the eyes of the Family.

This is Yosubi.
"The Great Center"

The sweet sound of birds chirping, floods the house.
A warm smile crosses the perfect face of a young man.

"It's beautiful today, isn't it darling?"
The young man turns, to find his lover. Smiling at her with such a gentle smile.
"Of course, however nothing can ever be as beautiful as you, Ayumi."
The young girl Ayumi giggled, her silky blonde hair falling gracefully around her shoulders.
"The sound of your laughter is music to my ears Ayumi. Come, sit over here with me and have some tea."
Ayumi smiled and strolled over, taking a seat on the soft cushioned chair across from the young man.
The young man stares at his lover as he pours her some Oolong Tea.
"Why are you staring darling...?"
"A-ah, sorry my love, I just got lost in your eyes for a moment. Such a wonderful shade of blue."
Ayumi giggled, and slowly sipped her tea.
She spoke as she set down her cup.
"Yes Ayumi?"
"I think...I've decided, by my own heed that...I do, wish to marry you. I know that our parents set everything up so we could increase the family wealth between us two, however...I think I have truly fallen for you."
Ayumi smiled.
"Oh Ayumi, I can't help but feel the same towards you. Your like a goddess, and I am so very happy to be worthy of your love."
The young man got up from his seat, and took the hand of his soon to be bride, she laughed in surprised as they suddenly started to dance.
Ah yes, all was well within the Vairocana family.
Ayumi Otomomi was to marry the Vairocana familys most treasured son.

Asura Vairocana. A young man with the beauty and grace of an Angel, a caring and kind young man indeed. His hair is long and silky, with a soft shade of purple. His complexion is that of a childs, soft skin as pale as snow and a glowing Aura that followed him, expressing his youth to the fullest. His eyes are a sparkling shade of venom Green, an enchanting sight to anyone who see's them.
His build is a lithe one, no muscles really, but his power came in Wealth and knowledge, he can easily decive just about anyone. He was raised under the sign of pure Elegance, and with that Sign and his many talents and attributes, he took to making a change to Yosubi, he is well known with the poor people as a savior, giving but never asking for anything in return.

Ayumi hugged Asura tightly.
"Only one more month my darling, then we can be wed and live happy lives together! I just can't wait!"
"Me either Ayumi, I will treat you so very right, anything you ask for and it's yours. I just can't wait to see the day you are in a beautiful wedding dress."
Ayumi and Asura talked and talked, wasting away the day chatting about their soon to be marriage, with joyful smiles on their faces.

Of course, when there is joy and laughter, Elegance and purity...there must always be something to counter it. Don't you think? Or else the world would be quite...boring. Yin and Yang, you know?

As the two lovebirds talked on the main mansion Balcony that overlooked the city they lived in, another man had just returned from his bloodthirsty mercenary work. Entering the local, but popular bar. "Underworld". He sat himself down on the nearest chair up against the bar itself, and observed the place. Mindless drunks all around, drowning down their sorrows with booze. The man was approched by a very..sultry young girl.

"Hey hey big boy, welcome back. Did you go and get your hands all dirty with that nasty blood again?"
The man laughed and lit a cigarette.
"Well, can't really turn down a job when it pays. Slaughter or not."
The maiden giggled and she took a seat next to him.
"Oh? Well I heard your job this time was taking care of some simple thugs bugging this place. and Hey, I work here. So I think you deserve a bit of an extra "Reward"...if you catch my drift."
She placed her hand on his leg and smiled at him.
"As tempting as that offer sounds, I believe i'm an Incubus, aren't I supposed to be doing the seducing? hahaha."
"Oh, I was already seduced when you walked in. Besides, I heard having fun with a Demon in bed is the best experience anyone can have. hehe.."
The man smirked and snuffed out his cigarette after taking a few inhales of it.
He reached over and placed two of his fingers in a certain spot on the girls neck, and pinched.
"Sorry, but I don't want to blow all the money I just earned on some local whore."
She fell to the ground in a sleepy daze, but no one really seemed to care. Typical drunks.
"Well, that was certainly entertaining. Remind me to never hit on you Abby."
The man cringed at the nick-name and looked over to see a tall older woman.
"I'll do that to you if you keep calling me that stupid girly nickname."
"Whaaat are you talking about? Abbbbyyyyyy~"
The female laughed as she took the seat next to him, being careful to not step on the girl.
"Seriously though, knocking her out was a bit overkill."
The man rolled his eyes.
"Yeah yeah, hey aren't you supposed to be doing your mission?"
"Pffft, I finished my mission awhile ago, I just killed the supplier and took his stash."
"Clair...seriously...I am pretty goddamn sure you were NOT supposed to do that."
"Whaaat, he had good money. Better than what the stupid job itself was paying."
"*Sigh* Whatever, were lucky i'm getting a pretty good paying job tomorrow. Get this, the job i'm getting is from the Vairocana family themselves."
Clair gasped.
"N-no way, what could they possibly need lows like us for?"
"From the details I got from the current head man of the family, it's just a simple escort job. Gotta get his son from one destination and back. Don't know where were heading though."
"Okay, but why would he pick someone...like...YOU, to do a job like that?"
"What the hell is that supposed to mean Clair?"
"N-Nothing of course! I just mean...your better with...well...killing. Besides, remember the last escort job you took? Hello, your an INCUBUS. The word Escort in your demon sense, means "fuck the client". REMEMBER?"
"Hahahaha! I remember that. Man, that was fun. To be fair, he was having fun to."
"Yeah, Because you used your stupid sexual magic on him. You know for a fact he didn't want to do it with you and you forced yourself on him."
"Yeaaaaah, but to be fair, like you said, I'm an Incubus. Rape is normal with my race."
"You just use the Incubus card whenever you can, huh?"
"Pretty much."
The two partners in crime talked about meaningless things, and about the job the man was supposed to take as the day withered away.
"Alright Abby, time for me to head out. I got another job ready to go and I feel pumped. Especially since it's a night time one."
The man cringed as he watched his partner Clair leave.

Yosubi, a world home to quite a few races. The main ones being however, Demons and Humans. Like in lore and great tall tales, these two races have been at war with each other for thousands of years. Though the war has ended and they live on the same planet, the eternal urge to kill each other is still strong. No one can compare the urge to kill to anything though, when they meet Abaddon.

Abaddon Lordrinel, a demon with the thirst for blood and sex. His race is that of the Incubus, he is one of the few left though as the Incubus race slowly becomes extinct compared to it's counterpart, the Succubus. He is a cold blooded murderer at heart, for sheer sake of him getting off on the thought of slaughter.
His appearance is that of an oddly beautiful battle scarred warrior. He has hair down to his shoulders that is the color of Onyx, with a few hidden streaks of red. His complexion is suprisingly fair and smooth with somewhat tanned skin, but still even on the pale side. His build is that of an evenly muscled one. He takes care to work out to build his strength, but doesn't go overkill with it. basically makes sure he doesn't look like a veiny muscled freak. he is the type of man to kill first, and ask questions later. He has shining gold eyes that can change into a blood-shot red when he is Angry. All in all, Abaddon is a strong but beautiful man, however people chalk that up to be because he is an Incubus, he is born in the gene pool of "having a sexy appearance" so to say.

Abaddon's life has been a cruel one, but I supposed all of the people below Royalty have it that way. Up until recently he had been working alone, but his current status is that he works with his new partner in doing jobs, Clair Sinvinova. A tall and very muscled girl, who pisses him off by shortening his name to Abby. Speaking of which, Abaddon is known by two names.
Aliases being Abaddon/Apollyon/Abby (only by Clair)

As hard as his life has been, and as hard as it still is. He makes the most of it. Even gaining the title
"War God"

After Abaddon finished downing a few drinks at the Underworld bar, he lazily walked his way out and back to his home. As he walked he looked up and to his right, seeing the Vairocana family mansion in the distance. "I'm really gettin paid from those richies huh?" he said to himself.
He scoffed at what he said and started making his way up the many paths to get to the mansion instead. After a long walk, he stood in front of it, and made quite an angry face.
"Why the hell do these people get all the good shit, these selfish pricks. They keep it all to themselves."
Abaddon smiled as he invisioned himself living in the mansion, being on the top of the food chain, when suddenly...

A scream broke his train of thought as he looked over, seeing someone falling from the 4th story of the mansion, he didn't have time to think as he rushed over, successfully catching the person before they hit the ground...

Ayumi and Asura sat peacefully on the balcony for a little while longer.
"Darling, I think i'll be going. My family has some preparations to discuss wih me, and I believe you have to get ready tomorrow anyway for your travel to Umbra City?"
"Yes, thank you for reminding me Ayumi. You can go along first though. I wish to stay and watch the sun go down."
Ayumi giggled before giving Asura a kiss on his cheek, and taking her leave.
Asura took in a breath of fresh air, smiling as he sat there, watching the sky lose it's sunny color. As soon as it was finished, he got up from the chair and started to head inside, however he was being blocked by his older brother.
"A-Ah, Big brother Tenma..Would you mind moving? I have to get to my room before mother starts to worry."
Asura looked up at his brother who was giving him an oddly sadistic look.
"You had to take it all, didn't you?"
"E-eh? what do you mean brother?"
"Ayumi..she was meant to be my bride. The role as head of the house when father dies...IT WAS MEANT TO BE MINE!!! AND YOU HAD TO GO AND FUCK IT UP WITH YOUR GOODY-TWO-SHOES ATTITUDE. COULD YOU BE ANYMORE OF A SUCK-UP?!"
Asura was grabbed by the collar of his shirt and lifted up.
"T-Tenma, What are you doing!?!?"
Asura was starting to lose his breath, as Tenma began to choke him.
"S-SHHH Hahahahahaha!! Just go to sleep Asura, If you just disappear...everything will be okay..."
Due to loss of breath, Asura fainted. Just as it seemed Tenma was done with him, he picked him up and looked at the edge of the balcony..he inched ever so close.
"Everything would've been fine if you just stayed out of the picture...I'll be the one with everything, wether you like it or not."
Tenma smiled as he threw his brother off the Balcony.
"Bye Byeee~"
He laughed as he went back inside.

My head...
Asura eyes shot open, only to come face to face with a man he's never seen before.
"E-Eh?...who are you?"
"Is that seriously a question to be asking right now when you just fell from the forth story of your stupid mansion?"
Abaddon dropped Asura and stood up.
"I'm not helping you up if that's what your waiting for."
Asura slowly stood up, trying to steady his breathing after it being forced out of him.
"Sooo, what the hell was that. You jump off or somethin?"
He looked over at Abaddon who had lit a cigarette.
"I...I can't...remember.."
"Pfft, Shouldn't have expected much."
Asura looked over to his Mansion as he saw people rushing out of it. His maid Lilim approched him in tears.
"Oh master Asura, I saw everything. I am so glad you are alright!! H-How did you survive?"
"Um, I think I was caught by-"
He turned to point at Abaddon but found he had vanished entirely.
"Uh...he was just here...a second ago.."
"Well, It doesn't matter young master. All that matters is that you are okay. Come along, we must tell your parents of this horrible news before your brother does something else."
Asura was pulled along, however his mind was only on one thing.
Who was that man?

The Next Day...

After Lord Asura was submitted to recovery, they quickly found Tenma hiding out in the basement parts of the house, trying to lay low until everything blew over. His sentence was meant to be death, however Asura just couldn't take the truth of having to know his brother was killed, making his sentence "life in the dungeon", or what they told Asura, just a few years.
Today was the day Asura was meant to be taken to Umbra City to make offical announcements from the Vairocana family, and to meet the rest of Ayumi's family.
No matter how much Asura was told to rest, he was up and ready to go to the city run by Ayumi's family.
He smiled and skipped around his room as he packed up some basic items. Once his suitcase was full with an array of items that only a rich kid would consider normal for packing, he ran out the front door, speeding out the front gate, still disobeying his father, and awaited the Royal Carriage and his Escort to take him to Umbra City.
As Asura waited, others were discussing matters within the Mansion.

"Oh darling, do you really think it is safe for our boy to go to...Umbra...?"
"Of course it isn't Melody! That city is infested with Demons, but do you think he will listen?!"
Asura's parents sat in silence, trying to figure out anything to stop their precious son from going to Umbra City.
"It's no use Melody, that boy is as stubborn as a mule when it comes to anything that involves Ayumi."
"b-but Umbra is a city for Demons...he wont last two seconds there! It's already bad enough we had to hire a Demon escort just so the strengths would be matched..."
A loud trotting sound could be heard from outside as the carriage arrived. Lord Ichijo huffed.
"No time to talk about this Melody, we must prepare our son."
He said, leaving his wife to worry.
"We could have done our best, to marry him off to a human bride...at the very least..." She said silently as tears fell from her face.

Asura's father smiled as he made his way outside towards the Carriage, quickly approaching the Coachman to speak with him about arrival plans to Umbra, afterwards he turned to his son.
"You are to arrive in Umbra City tomorrow at exactly 9:00 AM, from then on the Otomomi family will take care of any royal preparations such as announcements and Wedding Rehearsals between you and Ayumi, and you are to follow along with what they say. Understood?"
Asura sighed
"Of course father, Understood."
He smiled before turning back to the Coachman.
"Now my good sir, I believe we also requested an Escort to make sure my son arrives without any issue. Where may I ask is the man we hired?"
The Coachman grumbled before banging on the Carriage a few times, and out popped a man drunk off his ass and falling out of the carriage.
Lord Ichijo was disgusted by the sight.
"Are you sure that THIS...thing, was the Escort we hired?! Ugh...Well, I suppose I can't have high expectations for such a...disgusting monster."
Asura was shocked when the man who fell out of the Carriage was the same man who had saved his life the other day. They both locked eyes for a momentary glance before the man got up, stumbling around in a drunken stupor and placing his hand on Asura's head, mumbling out in slurred words.
"S-Shooooooo, thish ish the little twerp I gotta-...gotta get tooooo Umbra...right..?"
His hand was brutally pulled away from Asura's head and towards his father.
"How dare you lay your filthy hands on my Son! You drunken fool! I could have you banished to the dungeon for the rest of your life!"
The man giggled as he pulled away.
"Hehehehe~, cool it old man i-i wash...w-was...jusht foolin aroun hehehe..."
Ichijo recoiled in disgust.
"State your name Demon."
"E--eh? Oh, haha, I'm I'mmmmm I'm I'm I'm...uhmm.....oh right~ I'm Abaddon or shomething like that...yeah...thatsh about right"
Ichijo turned to look at his son.
"I wish you the best of luck on your travels my Son, and I do wish I could leave you in...better hands..."
He said as he looked over to the drunken Abaddon twirling around like an Idiot.
"but we are short on time, so you must make haste to Umbra. I do hope you can tolerate that fool as your Escort, I'm starting to believe that the reviews saying he was the best were all a lie..."
He shook his head and smiled at his son.
"No matter Asura, it's time for you to head out."
Asura nodded his head and jumped into the Carriage, with Abaddon lazily following behind and sitting across from him.
"Good luck Asura! If that fool causes you trouble, don't be afraid to put him in his place!"
He yelled goodbye as the Carriage sped off to Umbra City.

After some time of Asura keeping an eye on his home city, it finally faded away from view. He looked back only to have the sight of his Escort drinking down absurd amounts of Alcohol that could surely kill any normal human.

Sigh... He thought to himself.

This is going to be a long ride..

(Work in Progress)
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