Legends of the Wolfzou

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Legends of the Wolfzou Empty Legends of the Wolfzou

Post by Raining Fire on Sat Aug 22, 2015 9:53 pm

The wolfzou. A race of beings thought to have been hunted to extinction. They had amazing abilities. They could change their shape between wolf and human. Though the more experienced ones had limitless forms. Through the humans they learned the different forms of magic and fighting styles. Ranging from MMA to Tae kwon-do. Magic ranging from destructive spells to healing to even conjuration. The wolfzou were considered beings of limitless knowledge. Until one wolfzou betrayed her own kind for a human. She revealed their secrets and her kind payed dearly for it. The humans didn't stop hunting the wolfzou for centuries. They burned forest, slaughtered the young and the defenseless. Until they were declared instinct. And Human kind all rejoiced. Except. They weren't
One female remains on this world today. But she has no clue what she really is. She tries to fit in with other wolves, but they shun her. She lives a loner, caring for herself when she can. Little did she know her world was about to change forever.

In an alternate time line, Wolfzou flourish. They live in peace with the animals and humans. Acting like natures guardians so populations don't drop to endangered. But that was about to change for two unlucky wolfzou. A portal suddenly opens behind you and sucks you and your friend inside. Along with quiet a bit of the mountain side that you happened to be standing on. You feared what would become of you and your friend inside this black hole, as giant rocks fly around you, threatening to smash you. A rock hits you upside the head and you are knocked out.
As you remain sleeping, you and your friend are spit out at different locations across this world . You try to force yourself to stand, but you couldn't keep your consciousness. The last thing you seen before you pass out are a pair of green eyes staring into yours.

I nurse you back to health the best I can. But I was the lone wolf and I didn't know much about medical healing. I gather herbs and water and dab your swollen head. I mix some herbs with some rabbit meat for you to eat and help with your healing process.. All I can do now is wait and see if you wake.
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