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Post by Raining Fire on Mon Mar 23, 2015 7:48 am

Druids are the guardians of nature, and are master's of doing things they are not specilailzed to do. Feral druids, like Thea, Can shift into bear form, this form is built to take damage like an army tank, and is able to keep swinging. They are also capable of turning into their true form and using damaging spells, and even heal wounded targets. But as a feral, her strongest form is her cat form
From this form, she can vanish into the shadows, strike her target, quickly take it down, and vanish without a trash. Healing to herself becomes much more powerful when in her cat form. From cat form, her damaging attacks build up combo points, thouse points are used for more powerful attacks known as finishers. only five combo points can be activated and used at any one time. With each combo point used with any finisher, certain spells becoming instant, free and castable in all forms. Those spells being: Rebirth, Entangling roots, and healing touch
the chances of these spells becoming free depends on how many combo points are used. Increasing by 20% with each combo point.
Defensive moves inculde guardian's aspect, decreases damage on the user by 20%. Cyclone traps a target in a whirl wind, when in this whirl wind, they cannot attack or cast spells. Thea has a few moves she relays on, such as
Rake: When used from the shadows, stuns the target for 4 seconds, making it where they can't move or cast spells. is also a 100% more powerful when used from with in the shadows. also places a bleed on the target. damaging the target over time with fierce bleeding. Builds a combo point.
Shred: Places infected wounds on the target, damaging over time. Main combo point builder.
Finishers include Maim: stuns the target for 3 seconds, add's 1 second for each combo point used. Rip: Places a bleed on the target. The bleed doing more damage with each combo point used. Ferocious bite: Deals damage to the target based on how many combo points are used, refreashes all bleeds on the target
Biggest moves to look out for. If one or all is used, try to run away from Thea: Tiger's Fury: Renew's Thea's energy, allowing her to attack repeatedly. Incarnation: Queen of the Jungle: Gives an improved cat form, with body armor. This form acts like all moves are used from within the shadows, making rake stun the target even when not used from the shadows, also making it 100% stronger for a short time. Last for 40 seconds. Berserk: Reduces damage taken by 10% and reduces the energy cost from all moves.
finally, Thea's shape shift forms
Cat form: This form increases melee damage by 10% and increases speed by 10%. the act of shapeshift removes movement imparring affects
Bear from: increases health and armor by 20% reduces speed by 2%
Cheetah form: Increases movement speed by 40%
Orca form: grants the ability to breath under water and increases swim speed by 40%
Flight form: allow's flying. Increases flight speed by 120%
Rejuvination: Heals the target for 15 seconds. Useable from within cat form.
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