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Post by Raining Fire on Wed Feb 18, 2015 10:11 am

Damaging spells:

Scorch: A weak, fast casting spell. Critical strike chance is fairly high. It places a burn on the target, damaging over time.
Eruption: An instant cast spell. Critical strike chance: 100% Refreshes the burn from Scorch.
Pyro Blast. Strongest fire spell. Requires two Critical hits too use instantly. Places a high damaging burn on the target.
Combustion: Used after casting Eruption and Pyro blast typically. Amplifies the damage on all the burns on the target by 2x while spreading them to other targets. Refreshes the cool down on Eruption.
Blast wave: An instant cast fire spell. Increases fire damage by 100% while slowing the enemys affected in the blast. Hit all enemy's within ten yard of the target.
Meteor: A massive spell, casting a a meteor on the target area. Crashes on the target, doing a load of damage, while placing a damage over time affect on the ground. May take Prismatic crystal over this.
Prismatic crystal: Summons a crystal at the target area only attackable by the mage. Damage taken is doubled by 200%, then erupts with prismatic energy, hitting all targets within five yard for the total damage taken.
Flame strike: Summons a pillar of fire on the target location, hitting all foes within 10 yards and slowing them while placing a burn over time affect on all targets. Weak burn.
Frost fire bolt: Hit's the target with a frost fire, slowing the target by 10% while placing the same burn as scorch and eruption.

Healing Spells:
Gift of the Narru: Racial heal. Heals 20% of the casters total health over 5 seconds.
Ice block: Protects the Caster from all damaging spells and affects for 10 seconds while Restoring 4% maximum health every one second for the 10 seconds the caster stays in the ice block. 5 minute cool down.
Cold snap: Heals the caster for 22% of the casters health and resetting the cool down on Ice Block.
Spell Steal: Heals the caster for 4% of their health, while stealing a benifical magic affect from the enemy target.

Stuns and Roots:
Ring of frost: Places a frost ring on the ground, trapping all inside the five yard ring, try to leave and you are frozen for 3 seconds. May take Ice ward over Ring of frost.
Ice ward: If hit by a pysicle attack, a root erupts from the caster, rooting the attacker for 5 seconds. Last for 30 seconds.
Polymorph: Turns the target into a sheep, making them wander for 7 seconds, unable to attack or cast spells. Increases the targets healing on its self by 10%.

Movement spells:
Blazing Speed: Increases Movement of the caster by 150% and freeing the target of all movement imparring affects and roots.
Blink: Teleports the caster 20 yards in front of her, removing all roots and slowing affects.
Invisibility: Makes the caster invisible for 20 seconds.

Mother's Dagger: Once Rain places a hand on the hilt, the dagger with a frosty mist surrounding it becomes burning with fire. She can take the fire from the dagger and use it as a spell. If stabbed with a dagger, apply's and burn over time and a bleed to the target, adding several damage over time affects to the target with one stab. Taking multiple stabs resets the burn and bleed.

Passive affects.
Molten Armor: Increases Critical strike chance by 10%. Reduces damage by 12%
Fire and Fury!: Råìn renews her lust and determination with these words. As a last resort, She explodes with firey energy, setting herself on fire, increasing all damage on all targets by 250%. last 10 seconds.
Flame glow: Protects the mage, Reduces all damage from all attacks by 30%

Defensive spells:
Encanter's ward: Absorbs any attack for 100% of the damage. After being hit, this defense shatters, but increases damage by all of the mages attacks by 50% last 10 seconds.
Blazing wings: Wings made entirely of fire erupt from the mages back, Increasing the damage of all burns she sets on the target(s) by 50%. Reduces all damage taken by 2%. Last 20 seconds.
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