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Demon's Awakening X Homestuck: Pyro Shadowbane Empty Demon's Awakening X Homestuck: Pyro Shadowbane

Post by Last Chaos Lord on Mon Dec 29, 2014 7:49 am

Name: Pyro Shadowbane
Pesterchum Handle: [TA] tormentedArsonist
God Tier: Conjurer of Flame
Class: Conjurer - "one who creates their aspect/creates with their aspect." A Conjurer can create their aspect from a will as if it had always existed or manipulate their aspect to create other objects from it.
Aspect: Flame - The Flame aspect primarily covers the physical embodiment of fire. The Flame aspect's secondary covers that of the internal flame of determination or drive to succeed. 

Fetch Modus: Candles - Items are captchalogued into candles which become lit. blowing out or dowsing the flame from a candle retrieves the items inside.
Strife Deck: bladekind & pistolkind
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