School Days: Welcome to Millenia

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School Days: Welcome to Millenia Empty School Days: Welcome to Millenia

Post by Last Chaos Lord on Mon Sep 08, 2014 5:19 pm

Your alarm clock rudely awakens you from the dream you were having. Ugh what time is it? You sleeply wake sit up and survey your room. All your usual stuff is still here, like normal. Your eyes wearily rest on your desk, there is a piece of paper on it. OMG. Your eyes widen as you remember. Shit of course, your application for entry into the highly prestigious Millenia, a highly exclusive school for those wanting to become Freelighters, the keepers of the peace and defenders against those who would cause havoc to the world. You glance at your calender. Shit today is the last day for applications, better get started quickly. You sit down at your desk and quickly pull out your glyph pen and and begin to fill out the application.

please place a cross in any of the multi choice questions e.g. [X]

[ ] Male  [ ] Female  [ ] Other

Race (please choose one)
 [ ] Human  [ ] Faunus (half animal half human)  [ ] Deavous (half angel half human)  [ ] Dirgus (half demon half human)
 [ ] Regilus (half elemental half human) [ ] Dragos (half dragon half human)


Why do you think you'd be a good Freelighter?: (optional)

Battle Skills (please choose one then move to the specified section)
[ ] Varied-mode weapon (section 1.) [ ] Weapon arsenal (section 2.) [ ] Elemental control (section 3.)

section 1.
Weapon Type:
Secondary mode:
Third Mode: (if applicable)

section 2.
Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:
Others: (if applicable)

section 3.
Major Element:
Minor Element(s): (if applicable)

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