Total Midnight Chapter 1: Dreams of Darkness

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Total Midnight Chapter 1: Dreams of Darkness Empty Total Midnight Chapter 1: Dreams of Darkness

Post by Last Chaos Lord on Wed Jun 04, 2014 5:47 pm

Another dream. Kiran awoke with a gasp, cold sweat coating his body. The same dream over and over. He was standing in an endless room, a mirror before him. Suddenly darkness. When light returned a man in a suit stood behind him smiling, but when he turned to see him the man was gone. As he turned back he found his reflection gone, replaced by a dark creature it's maw curled into an unnerving smile, it's rows of knife-like teeth bared. Then the room would slowly fade to darkness, at which point he would always awaken with a gasp. Sometimes he would be shaking, this time he was in cold sweats, but he would still always feel well rested. It was odd, but there was no time to reminisce, he had work to do, people weren't going to assassinate themselves.

Kiran quickly got himself up and had a quick shower before getting dressed. he put on his dark tan leather pants and black leather boots. he examined himself in the mirror, tracing the large diagonal scar up across his torso to the left of his chest, where he still bore the remnants of his slave mark, the mark had faded since the magic had been stripped from it but the scarring had remained as a constant reminder of his past. Kiran sighed and put on his grey shirt and a black high collared leather jacket which concealed his hood. Checking himself once more in the mirror, his eyes lingering on his death god medallion, he set off to to the prayer hall, it was time to pray.

Stepping into the prayer hall Kiran noticed a few people, some in silent prayer, some quietly whispering their prayers to the various gods. Many prayers would be simple things such as prosperous crops, that they're family would stay healthy, that a love interest would finally noticed them, but one caught his interest. Very few prayed to the death god for they feared him as they feared death, but he heard one whisper from a woman, "Please Malikai, lord of death, grant my brother a swift and merciful death, let his soul drift in peace to the next life..." the woman trailed off as she fell into silent prayer. Kiran strode over to the totem of the death god putting his hand to it and whispering a soft prayer, "Lord Malikai, Deathbringer, We shall one day walk in your presence and be at peace." he took his hand off the totem putting his hand to his medallion, his head lowered. the prayer hall had fallen silent as he knelt, even the whispering prayer had stopped. After some time came the whispers in the back of his mind, " Welcome disciple Kiran, today death calls for Desmond Teller," an image flashed in his head, "your location will be the third pillar of the graveyard, your weapon will be waiting, bring me the soul undamaged and you will be rewarded." The whispering stopped. As Kiran stood to leave he noticed that all the people had left. It was extremely quiet as he headed in the direction of the guild, he would need information.
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