Introduction to Water, Storm, and Mist

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Introduction to Water, Storm, and Mist Empty Introduction to Water, Storm, and Mist

Post by Naoto with A&A on Mon Jun 02, 2014 3:12 pm

The bar was filled with people and monsters of different ages and sizes, happily enjoying drinks that will most likely give them the worst hangovers ever. Sitting in one of the tables however, was three quiet customers, enjoying there drinks in peace. They were covered in thick black robes and wore large hats that covered there faces completely, but you could tell that they were girls. Suddenly a tall and drunken man walked over to the girls, a beer mug in hand as he tried to keep his balance.
"H-Hey there girls....h-how about you take off those silly outfits and lets get outa here? i bet you all look super sexy under all of that"

he hiccuped and struggled to stand straight as he called over some other guys.

"Come on cuties, don't be and my men will take goooood care of you all..."

They laughed in unison as one tried to lay his hand on the tallest girl. She didn't hesitate to throw her hat off and chuck it at his face, it felt like hard fresh metal. The girl on the other hand, had a dazzling face with flowing red locks of hair.

The man shot up from falling down and yelled like a mad-man
The man picked the hat up and through it back at her, hoping to hit her hard but she ended up catching it. She gave him a deathly look before clouding his vision with a thick...fog?, a thick mist, he couldn't see where he was going as he was tripped up by the smallest girl, still sitting down. Suddenly 4 different men came rushing at the girls.
Different types of weaponry came at the girls, they ducked and dodged until they got caught, and pulverized.
"Hmph....take them out to the trash. dead bodies are bad for business...."
Two of the men started to get ready to take the girls to the trash when all of them suddenly got up, and finally the tallest one spoke.
"Sorry to disappoint you, but we wont be dying so easily."
She grew a wicked smile over her face and lunged at one of the men, ripping his head clean off and holding it out for the others to see.
"We have things to do and someplace to be. So fuck off ok?"
She through the head at the bartender and walked out with the other girls. They walked for awhile before the other two took there hats off.
The smallest girl had a cute face with shiny pink hair, and the normal heighted one had a mature face with short blue hair. There names are: Kosana, Shima, and Yinya. They go by the title "Sisters of the Storm" Kosana is the redhead, Shima is the bluenette, and Yinya is the tiny pink haired girl.

Shima was lost in thought as the girls traveled to there required destination at Highlander's Point. They knew they were part of the sacrifice group when the voice began speaking to them. The voice is the only sign that you are to be sacrificed. It always speaks and never shuts up. Finally Shima turned to Kosana with a blank look.
"Sister....did you really have to do that?..."
"Of course i did. If i didn't do anything then they would've tried to go further, and you know Yinya is only 14. She is still to young anyway."
"Yes i know that Kosana...but still....we could've just pushed them down and walked out, I mean come on, they were drunk off there asses I don't think they would've even seen us leave.
"That's true....sorry Shima....i have the habit of fight first and ask questions later."
"Yeah i know, but that's what makes you an awesome and unique sister."
They smiled at each other as they traveled onward.

((stopping here, will continue later))
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