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Post by Naoto with A&A on Thu May 29, 2014 10:07 am

Maru and Mia were both wonderful kids. Maru and Mia are the twin brother and sister of the rich and prosperous Kyjo family, A family that takes advantage of the weak, forcing them into labor for a pay that would only be able to buy the smallest of all the small seeds used for eating. Lately though, Maru and Mia have been locked down in the basement because there family knows that they are suppose to be apart of the group of travelers that bring back the Great God, Yukaru Kazuki...

"Brother Maru, how long do you think we must be down here?"
"I don't know Sister Mia....but i am getting hungry. I hope Mother and Father will bring us some food soon....though....probably not..."
"Maru, is this because me and you are suppose to help Yukaru? Why would Mommy and Daddy stop something as great as this? I for one feel honored to be chosen to help revive him.
"Honored? Dear Sister did you eat something bad? This is not an Honor. This is a horrible fate that we should not be apart of"
"A horrible fate? oh Dear Brother, you truly don't know greatness when you see it and if you want to call this fate, then this is one Fantastic Fate!"

They argued and argued and argued for what seemed like an eternity until night time finally arrived, though because of all the bickering and disagreement they ended up sleeping opposite from each other. The Kyjo twins always had a fight about something, even the most pointless things. But who can blame them? It is what brothers and sisters do.

Later on that night a voice called out to Mia in her dreams.
Miaaaaaa....Come to Highlander's Point....Yukaru needs you....Please....Come to Highlander's Point....bring your brother....please....Mia.....
She shot up out of her sleep, sweat rolled down her forehead as she tried to catch her breath.

Soon morning came quickly, though it seemed impossible to tell if it was actually day time. the Basement has no windows. The two of them played with an old soccer-ball they had found. It seemed to pass the time greatly, though during the little session, the Voice wouldn't leave Mia alone. It kept getting louder and louder and louder and more demanding. She began to feel her own will slip away from her.

About three days passed and Mia was on edge about everything, she even screams at the smallest things. The Voice sure as hell wasn't helping either and her brother didn't even try to help her. She yelled every time he got close.

It was later that night, that Mia finally led her and her brother to there fate at Highlander's Point.
Mia had stayed up, rocking back and forth like someone at an insane asylum. She stared at her brother as she rocked back and forth, staring at his sleeping form....and that's when she felt it. Her will was lost. She stood up like on command and turned to her brother, violently pulling him out of sleep and dragging him by the arm. He kicked and screamed at her, trying to ask what she was doing. But he shut up when he saw his sister grab hold of the door and rip it off it's hinges, throwing it across the room and began stomping up-stairs. She kicked the front door open and pulled her brother along with her as she began making the trip to Highlander's Point.
Good girl Mia...revive the great god Yukaru...good....girl....
She responded like a mindless slave "yes sweet voice, i'm a good girl. i'm helping...."
"Sister Mia, who are you talking to?! p-please dear sister let me go! let me go!"
"I can't dear Brother....i'm a good girl...don't you want to be a good boy?"
"N-No!!! p-please let me go sister! you are a good girl, a very good one! just let me go...please let me-"
suddenly a blast of cold energy hit Maru, causing him to black out and fall into a deep sleep...
When he awoke he found himself laid out in front of a large Statue. he shot up and looked at it. It was the statue of Yukaru. He looked around to find his sister kneeling before the statue, he looked around some more to find the body of a girl, he walked over to her and flipped her over, to find hole's all over her body and she herself, completely drained of any blood.
"She...must've....been the first"
There was giggling coming from behind him as he turned to find his sister. She had horrible claws that seemed to have grown naturally, before he had time to react....Mia Ripped his head clean off....blood spurted and sprayed everywhere, All over Mia and the already dead girl. Mia laughed like a psycho as she plunged one of her clawed hands in herself, and pulled out her own heart and then ate it like a fresh dinner. Blood spewed out her mouth as she laughed and laughed until she fell over, life quickly draining from her as she died with a psychopathic smile on her face, though in her last moments it turned into a sour frown as she re-gained her will and mind. It was already to late.

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