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Post by Naoto with A&A on Wed May 28, 2014 11:44 am

Yuki are the last of your must live must awaken the god of...

The voice in the young girl's mind fades as she sits on the porch of her winter home in her snow village. Yuki Onna is her name, the name of her people is what she called herself. it means 'A Snow Witch who controls men and has sex with them' or at least that's one way to put the legend. The girl sighs and slowly gets up, taking a walk around her empty, ghost town of a village. this place use to be full of life, full of....her people. Her long deep blue hair flows with the snowy winds as she arrives at a statue. It is a Statue of the Great God....Yukaru Kazuki....the village used to worship him and his great legends. Yuki slowly sets down a few frost flowers she picked up. she places them by the base of the large statue. She sighed and walked back to her house and sat down on the porch once more. She gets lost in her thought. Yuki is suppose to make a journey to a point known as 'Highlander's Point' it is where the true first ever made statue of Yukaru is at. It is where she has to go to sacrifice her life to help bring him back to life. Every few million years, A group of travelers or village heros is to make a journey to Highlander's Point, to kill themselves and bring the Great God back to life. The only reason Yuki is the last person of her kind is because she is required to die at Highlanders Point. If she is killed any other way, nowhere near the met destination then she is resurrected 6 hours later. Yuki was suppose to have arrived at Highlander's Point a very long time ago, but she knows she doesn't want to die yet. The voice in her head keeps urging her to go there though...she is almost broken of her own will because of it...If she stays to long in her village, the Voice will get to her and force her body to move towards the destination. must must help resurrect....
"SHUT UP YOU STUPID VOICE!....shut up.....please..."
Crystal tears start flowing from her eyes and dropping onto the ground, turning into an assortment of jewels. Though, she feels her own will slowly slipping from her, her legs twitch as if they are ready to jump up and start running. Suddenly the voice begins to scream at her, telling her to go resurrect Yukaru. She eventually is forced to give into it...but requests the voice allows her to do a few last things. It goes quiet, meaning yes. Yuki slowly gets up and heads inside her house, picking up some frost flowers. She leaves her house and locks it up, Not wanting intruders to steal any of her family's old belongings when she is gone. She goes to the graveyard near her village to find it full....full of her people. Yuki takes her time to set down a frost flower onto every single grave she could. When she reaches her parents grave, she starts to cry and sets down the most Frost Flowers onto her parents graves.
"M-Mommy....Daddy....i love you both so much, and it hurts to have lost you...b-but i'm going to do something great...i'm going to help the great god come back....i-i hope you are proud of me....i love you so much.....g-goodbye....and sleep well...."
Yuki slowly uses her best effort to get up, as she slumps back to her home to grab a bag she packed. She headed toward Frost Point hill in front of the village that leads off into the snowy wastes. Yuki looks back one last time at her village and the graveyard....after a moment to smile and remember the good memories, Yuki turns and heads off to Highlander's Point.

" long has it been....i feel like i have been walking for an eternity....."
Yuki slumps and limps the longer she walks, nearly close to passing out in the sweet pure snow below looks so very comfortable. She puts in her best efforts until she can't hold out any more, Yuki falls into the sweet snow and drifts off into a deep sleep. About 3 hours pass and Yuki finally wakes up....only to find herself laying on the cold ground of the entrance-way into the Tomb of Highlander's Point. It takes her a moment to realize that she was brought her against her will by the voice in her head. She screams in hatred as she gets up to stand on her feet properly, only to find herself still unable to move correctly. Yuki limps slowly into the Tomb, the giant door sliding shut behind her. Pure Darkness was the only thing she saw until she used her ice magic to make a frosty light. What she saw was...unexpected....she assumed that the Tomb would be covered in moss and that it would house bugs....savage animals...and other un-mentionable creatures. It feels like hours upon hours until she has reached the very deep under-ground area of the Tomb. Skeletons litter the floor around her.
They must be the travelers and hero's before me....
Yuki starts to shake from fear and the cold dampness that she was around. Suddenly everything got dark and her magic vanished from her as the endless darkness surrounded her. She wandered blindly until she slammed into something. Light flooded the room out of nowhere and it revealed the Grand Statue of Yukaru Kazuki. Yuki almost faints, knowing that she is now required to kill herself. She looks around the room for a weapon, realizing she did not come prepared until she found a blue crystal ball laying in the corner of the room, she slowly bends down to pick it up, wondering what it is for until she turned to find a stone pillar had appeared to the right of the statue with an opening for the crystal ball. Yuki slowly slides the ball in place and stands back. There are a few clicks and clanks, but the room grows quiet again. Yuki sighs and goes to take the ball back....but when she sticks her hand in the pillar and tries to pull it out....

Spikes come shooting out of the Pillar, Nearly gutting her clean. Blood spurts out of every hole in her body as she collapses onto the ground. The last thing she sees is the Statue of Yukaru. She dies smiling, but says one last thing.

"I'm coming...mommy....daddy...."

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