Maxwell Black: An accidental occurrence

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Maxwell Black: An accidental occurrence  Empty Maxwell Black: An accidental occurrence

Post by Last Chaos Lord on Wed May 28, 2014 9:24 am

Turning a knob here, flicking a switch there. Maxwell stared at the read-outs with a frown on his face. He wore his trademark attire of a black dress shirt and dress pants with dress shoes of a matching colour. Today he was wearing a black waistcoat and silver-grey tie, his black trilby lying next to him on the console. He'd always had a fascination with dimensions since he'd found the book on the theory on dimensional travel. Since then he'd began studying it, finding as many books on the subject as possible, doing test and experiments. His dedication to the study of science caused much mocking from his peers, all of whom had taken up study in magic in one form or another, but Maxwell's analytical mind drew him science like moth to a flame. After graduation he'd focused back onto dimensions gaining an extensive knowledge on pocket dimensions and singular dimensional travel, as well as minor knowledge on the Multiverse. He slammed his fist on the console,
"dammit, what is with these readings" his usually cool demeanour slipping with frustration.  He put his hand to his face pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. His hands appeared completely black with a glossy look to them, to most it would appear that he was wearing gloves but this was actually the matter that allowed him to manipulate pocket dimensions. He took his hand away from his face, his frustration ebbing slightly, and began to stare at the matter that was suspended in front of him.
"I did all the calculations, so why isn't it working." he hit the console again, suddenly the read-out began to go berserk, Maxwell quickly looked down, a mixture of surprise and worry on his face,
"This can't be right, these reading are off the charts... ofcourse something must have changed on the other side, the missing variable."
Suddenly the matter shifted and expanded a rift opening up inside it. Maxwell barely had time to grab his trilby and place it on his head as he was dragged into the rift and off into some unknown place.
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