A bit of an incident (Aren's story)

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A bit of an incident (Aren's story) Empty A bit of an incident (Aren's story)

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"Don't touch me."

+Basic Information+
Aren Rosewood
5 ft
Witch/Triclops hybrid
+Species Description+
Arens specific subspecies of witch, is one where each individual inherits a specialty in a certain area of magic, in Aren's case, Necromancy. On their 18th birthday, this subspecies forms a deal with its matching demon, the demon serving them for their lifetime and generally enhancing their magical ability. In exchange, the Demon aquires their soul, and freedom from hell for the time the witch is alive. The demon usually extends the witch's lifetime to ensure the most time on the surface as possible, as once the witch dies, in most cases, the demon is returned to hell. Triclops are a peaceful species, using their third eye to see into ones innermost thoughts. Half bloods usually only inherit a minor form of this, instead of actually being able to read someones thoughts, instead being able to predict their movements and behaviours after rigorous training. Because of Arens gender and witch heritige, Aren can use this ability to its full potential, though it does take a physical toll on him.

Dimension hopping- The ability to switch between dimensions. He is unable to control this ability.
Necromancy- His main ability, Aren has the ability to raise an entire army should be wish.
Mind's eye- The ability, due to his third eye, to read ones thoughts and intentions. Also can be used to view ones past memories. To read thoughts, Aren has a 30% chance of becoming blind for a day, to view one's memories, the chance rises to 100%

+Personal Information+

-The dark
-Quiet spaces
-Spicy food
-His children

-Loud noises
-Bright lights
-Crowded areas
-Trouble makers

-Aren is an incredibly calm person, managing to keep his cool in tight situations, which helps him to quickly resolve the situation.
-His mind eye enables him to quickly disable his opponent, also aiding him in avoiding conflict in the first place by picking up their intent.
-He has a natural talent for necromancy, quickly picking it up with ease.
-Musk, his Cockatrice, is a formidable opponent to any that cross her. With the ability to kill a man with a single glance and the ability to breath fire, she's terrifying.

-While he may keep his cool in a tense situation, if he is scolded or forced to go against the rules, it can cause him to lose his cool completely, sending him into a complete panic.
-While his mind eye is a brilliant ability, it is unreliable. He is currently unable to call on it at will, and it will often spark up when he least expects it. His ability to draw on it reduces the more worked up he becomes
-'Kushiel' can be incrediblly controllling, and will quite often hold Aren back just to piss him off.
-Pin, his partner
-Cross and Stitch, his children

-His grandmother

Aren is quiet and poliet, having the upmost respect for his superiors. He can be incredibly blunt at times, and even down right rude. He is incredibly shy and anxious, but he does not let his anxiety show, keeping a cool, calm exterior to any situation. He is very possessive of those close to him, viewing them as a sense of security. He can become extremely violent and malicious when his sense of security is taken, and will go into a full blown panic is he is forced to disobey a superiors direct orders.

The storm raged violently on the fated day that Aren was born to the Rosewood family. A long line of incredibly gifted, noble witches, those of a specific witch subspecies, Aren was the first male to be born to them for several generations. The lack of males in their bloodline is simple. As a young woman, their ancestor Adalhelm, an incredibly powerful and proud Witch, was in love with another, a forbidden other, by the name of Menkhaf. Menkhaf was a demigod, the son of a mortal woman and a 'male' god. Together, the two of them produced several children(Menkhaf gifted with the ability to switch gender), all female. However, as per Rosewood tradition, only a male could become the leader of the family. As time went on, Adalhelm grew furious with Menkhaf, blaming him for the lack of an heir. Finally snapping, he lashed out at Menkhaf, attacking him with the fury of the elements, unaware of just how much power the demi possessed. Hurt by his lovers anger, Menkhaf disappeared into the night, though not before laying a curse on the Rosewood line. A curse that would make having a male near impossible, and that all children that were not male would be considerably weaker, drained of their power, while the male would then inherit the majority of the power. Furthermore, as a direct attack against his lover, Menkhaf lay another curse, that instead of the ability to call all elements to their beck and call, each member of the Rosewood family would be limited to just one element.

As such, when Aren was born, the family was overjoyed, though more than a tad terrified. For you see, the current head of the house, Vada, had inherited Adalhelm's wrath and need for control over everything. She had already grown to despise her daughters, of which there were 7, as she always considered them failures for not producing her a grandson. While Aren was a male, Vada had two individual reasons for detesting his existence. For starters, Aren had inherited the most powerful of the Rosewood elements, the natural ability of Necromancy. Secondly, and most importantly to Vada, Aren was not a pure-blooded witch. Admittedly, his father was of magical descent, for he was a triclops, thus making him not as disgusting in her eye as a certain another cousin. However, this did not stop Vada from hating his heritage, especially when he exhibited such strong triclops traits.

Growing up, because of this resentment Vada had towards Aren, she kept him under her incredibly strict control 24/7. As such, he was forbidden from leaving the property, forbidden from talking to anyone outside of their family, and certainly forbidden from talking to his father, who was banished from the property. As Aren reached age ten, he decided to push the boundaries, telling Vada upright that he was going to go out with his cousins, and that was final. Never again, did he disobey her, at least not for a long time. See, the element Vada had control matched that of her wrath, fiery and violent. As he turned his back to her, she attacked, severely burning him. The skin on his back melted away as he screamed in pure agony, his mother and family kept at bay as Vada executed her punishment.

It became a habit for her to burn him from that point on as a punishment, Aren rapidly developing Arsonphobia. He also developed social anxiety, though he would not discover this fully until later on. This punishment came swiftly and frequently, as Vada grew a love of watching the fear in his eyes, and his unwavering obedience to her every beck and call. He had become her perfect puppet.

As Aren grew to the age of 18, it was time for him to contract his demon. In the Rosewood bloodline, it was tradition for each and every witch on their 18th birthday to contract a demon, to the point that the rosewoods had their very own pool of demons to choose from, each specialising in a certain element and of differing strength levels, so that each one could be perfectly matched to the witches. This became a tradition shortly after their bloodline was cursed, as a war had broken out in the magical realm, and they needed strength. However, when they went to contract Aren to his assigned demon, a high-level demon specialising in Necromancy by the name of Rapheal, he was not there. They discovered that he had been contracted to another Rosewood child, one unknown to Vada. Vada clicked as to who's child it was, a daughter of her's, ironically Aren's mother's twin, by the name of Lilian, who had run away to be with a mortal.

Not wanted Aren to miss out on his magical training, Vada enrolled him in a dark arts academy by the name of Otherworlde, after contracting him to a smaller, yet vastly more chaotic demon by the name of Kushiel. At this school, Aren was admitted to a coven on the school grounds, and ended up slowly making a few friends. Eventually, during his years there, he found love, and even wound up with two children to said love (due to a phantasm creating them).

His powers flourished, and he was finally happy. This would not, alas, last long.

As part of his heritage, Aren had unknowingly obtained the ability to dimension hop, an ability that suddenly, and uncontrollably flickered into existence. Aren was warped to a completely different dimension, this currently dimension, leaving behind all who he loved and ever cared for. He was shattered, and his abilities grew explosively. See, as a child, Vada had set up blockages in his mind to prevent him from using his abilities fully, his necromancy ability, and one ability in particular, called minds eye.

+Misc. Information+
-He suffers from social anxiety
-He has Arsonphobia (fear of fire)
-He is Homosexual

+Character Relationships+

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