Story of Sapphira: Immortals. Introduction.

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Story of Sapphira: Immortals. Introduction. Empty Story of Sapphira: Immortals. Introduction.

Post by Raining Fire on Sun May 17, 2015 10:10 pm

The Scourge army was surrounding the citadel, I watched my people fall protecting our home. I saw innocents die by the sword. The light. It was supposed to protect us. Why had it forsaken us now? There was a loud bang on the large double door in front of us. I raised my two handed mace as I prepared to make my final stand protecting the last of the innocents. It was my duty as a paladin of the narru. I was a draenie. A creature of the light. The paladins were the ones who took the sacred light we worshiped and used it as a hammer and a shield. My name was Sapphire. I bared that name with pride. There was another loud bang on the double doors and a young draenie girl screamed and drew her mother closer, hiding her eyes.. I could not fail here! It was on me to get these innocents to safety. Away from the undead armies this world had come plagued with. If I fell here, so would they, and we would all be raised to aid this army in corrupting this world... "Not today." I said as the doors finally came crashing to the ground and hundreds- Nay- Thousands of undead came pouring out like a mass of rushing water. I let out a yell as I charged at the army and swung my mace in a sideways arch, it collided into one of the undead's jaw, sending it crashing into it's allies, and finally being sent flying to the side of the room with them. One undead got passed me and headed for the innocents. I took my mace and swung it over my head and slammed it into that undeads back, crushing it under its weight. I turned, once again swing my mace in a side ways arch, smashing several beat as it made a full circle around me. I pulled it back into my hands as I prepared for the next wave. The undead all stood in place, staring at me. I returned their stair with a glare as sweat dripped down my face and my heart raced. "What are you waiting for!" I screamed at them... I wish I hadn't. The undead all stepped aside as the Lich king revealed himself in front of me. He chuckled in such a voice that made my skin crawl. I didn't even give him a chance to speak. If he attacked first I was as good as dead. My mace collided with his cursed blade known as frost mourn and I felt the light leave me.. But I wasn't going to quit. I swirled around, bringing my hammer with me as I tried to slam it into his crowned head, yet he defected it with ease. I brought my momentum through I slammed the hilt in his chest, which made him back peddle. I had the uper hand! I kept up my pressure, taking my mace around, making contact into his ribs with the hammer side, Only to be grabbed by a massive hand. Frostmourn came up and struck my weapon, breaking it in half. I watched as it fell from my hands, all hope vanishing. The Lich king gave me a rough push, making me stumble back and fall on to my back. I tried to get up but before I could do anything, I felt something sharp enter my stomach and come out threw my back. "N-no." I said weakly as I started to chock on my blood. "You shall be a worthy Death knight." The Lich King said in a cruel deep voice. I had failed. How could I? Why? What could I have done to succeed? All these questions filled me as my life slowly drained away. I felt the blade be pulled from my weakening body as he turned to the innocents I was supposed protect. He turned to his army. "Kill them, and raise them as scourge." Those were the last words I heard as the light drained from my eyes.
I was.. No where... Swimming in darkness! everywhere you looked there was a pitch black fall into abyss. It felt like ages that I was trapped there. Centuries even... Until one day, I heard something... It was a high pitched scream, then the sound of a sword slashing through a victim.. I knew that sound to well. I focused on the sound, until I was able to make something out! I was trapped inside something, I made that out for sure... But what was I seeing in front of me? Their were fields, with humans farming, living their daily lives, ridding horses, having fun.. Then the thing I was trapped inside looked down at a bloodied body, it cleaned its weapon free of the blood from its victim and watched as it was raised as an undead. Wait back up. Those hands... They were my hands! clamped in dark black armor, wielding the sword as it killed more! I was trapped inside my own mind. I had been raised as an undead instrument of war. I had to break free! I had to put a stop to this madness! But how? How can I regrain control of an undead body that use to be my own?
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